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During the registration process you can decide to take on the role of either Lead Registrant of Joint Registration Member within the SIEF, we will work with you to understand which role would suit your needs better for the substance(s) that you wish to register. The functions that you would be expected to fulfil with each role and which we would take on-board on your behalf are:

Lead Registrant

  • Commission new date
  • Data collection
  • Data Sharing
  • Develop 'Substance sameness agreements'
  • Communication with ECHA and competent authorities
  • Preparation of chemical safety reports (CSR)
  • Chemical Safety Assessments (CSA)
  • Sell data within SIEF

Joint Registration Member

  • Data collection
  • Data sharing
  • Reach agreement on 'substance sameness' agreements
  • Communication with ECHA and competent authorities
  • Monitor CSA
  • Purchase data

With both roles you are under the obligation to: