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REACH – What is it? Do I need to register?

Failure to register can hurt your business. REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Registration of Chemicals) is an EU Regulation that came into force on 1 June 2007 creating one single system for regulation of chemicals.

Under REACH a manufacturer or importer of a substance into the EU, in quantities of 1 tonne or more per year, must register their substance with ECHA.

REACH registration involves: the submission of toxicological and eco-toxicological information; risk assessment; decisions on how to manage identified risk; and proposals for classification and labelling. It is also likely to include CSR and guidance to safe use.

Only legal European entities can register. Non –EU companies must use an ‘Only Representative' if they register under their own name.

REACH applies in all the 27 EU member states plus the EEA (Iceland, Norway and Licthenstein). 

The deadline for registering depends upon the type and quantity of substance that needs to be registered.

Brexit and your REACH registrations

Reach Only Representative Ltd can help you mitigate the effects of the UK's withdrawal from the EU ("Brexit"). We can help you keep your exports to the EU and UK uninterrupted! We can:

The Problem

When the transition-period for the UK's withdrawal from the EU ends on January 1st 2021, any EU-based REACH registrations you have will not permit export to the UK. If your existing REACH registrations were held by a UK-based Only Representative, or you are UK-based importer, your existing registrations will suddenly cease to exist, becoming null and void.

The Solution

Transfer your "EU REACH" registrations to our EU office, to protect your access to the EU market, and ask us about "UK REACH" registrations at our UK office, to protect your access to the UK market!

Our UK office is monitoring the development of the "UK REACH" regulatory systems, and is ready with the capacity to perform UK-REACH registrations when the system comes into force. We can ensure your exports are registered with UK-REACH.

Our Irish sister company, Reach Only Representative (Ireland) Ltd, being in the Republic of Ireland, remains in the European Union and therefore is able to perform your EU REACH registrations (and preserve your existing EU REACH registrations), maintaining your EU business post-Brexit.

Why not save time and money by minimising the duplication of effort, and have us take care of both your EU and UK Reach Registrations? Contact our head-office in the UK for more information!